“The Mahatma on Celluloid” Captures the Journey of the Legendary Icon, ‘Mahatma Gandhi’.


A seminar was organized by the National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune on June 30, 2023 at the institute’s premises on the role of films to promote Gandhian ideology and review of the book ‘The Mahatma on Celluloid’ – A Cinematographic Review. At the beginning of the programme, Dr. Naina Athalye welcomed all the eminent dignitaries and the programme started with lighting the lamp. The speakers on the occasion were Mr Prakash Magdum, ADG, PIB, Gujarat, Dr. K. Satyalakshmi, Director, NIN Pune, Mr. Milind Damle, FTII Pune, Dr. Gandhi P.C. Kaza, Founder Truthlabs, Hyderabad, Dr. Venugopal Nagasuri, Former Deputy Director, All India Radio, Mr. Advait Deshmukh, Sindhu Foundation, Pune. Dr. Naina Athalye, Coordinator, Gandhi Fellowship Programme of NIN. The speakers highlighted the importance of youth, films and accountability in building a culture of freedom, human rights, and truth seeking through non violent ways. The author, Mr. Magdum shared his experiences as a writer and urged the youth to understand the greatness of Mahatma Gandhi through films made on him.
In the book “The Mahatma on Celluloid,” Shri Parakash Magdum takes readers on a captivating journey through the evolution of Gandhi’s cinematic portrayal, spanning multiple decades and various film industries around the world. The book provides a comprehensive analysis of the different films, actors, and directors who have brought Gandhi’s life and philosophy to the forefront of popular culture.

Shri Prakash Makdum addressing the gathering……
The seminar ended with a round o f questions and answers. NIN plans more such interactions with film makers and writers to promote Gandhian values and to acknowledge the contribution of Gandhiji to nature cure and to the public health domain.