A Balancing act for a budding woman entrepreneur


It is a ‘king’ and ‘queen’ of the game of Chess, available not for playing but for your romantic sleep! The hand-painted pillow covers, for the king size bed, is one of the items on the display at ‘Shikha’s Kariigarii’, exhibited at the Wassup Flee Market, in Pune. Hand painted shoes with a theme of ‘Agni-Varsha’ depicting two elements ‘Fire and Water’ from the Nature, hand painted sarees and mufflers displaying the individual’s life journey, tie with logo of the company or shirt written with ‘Boss’, were few beautifully designed, painted products at the display, at ‘Shikha’s Kariigarii’ exhibition.

In the world of digital printing, where serving the larger population is a norm, the artist and owner of the brand, Ms Shikha Ajmera, at ‘Shikha’s Kariigarii’, is hand painting and designing individual products as per her clients’ needs, serving a very selected few individuals! ‘Painting is one of the oldest art forms, help in expressing emotions and ideas. These emotions and ideas are unique to every individual. When you gift someone, you are not gifting the product alone, but transferring emotions which are hidden behind. Why not express these emotions outrightly on the gift items, then?’ explains, Ms Ajmera, owner of the brand.

Discussing about the brand, Ms Shikha, mentioned, “painting is widely used over a period, to tell a ‘tale’ of our civilisation and human existence. It is a language to produce sensations of volume, space, movement, light and at times life. By adding colours in a thematic display, ‘Shikha’s Kariigarii’ is adding life to the products, making them immortal and a memory forever!”

Explaining about the inception of the brand, Ms Ajmera replied, “Most of the inventions are often incidental. So is the world of Shikha’s. It is often passion which helps, keeping skills and hobbies intact! I was an artist by birth, a gift of the Almighty, fine tuned these skills, over the period, which turned out to be a start-up, two years back. The brand was launched in Delhi during the premier cum special screening of Amitabh Bacchan starrer film ‘Jhund’, during 2022.

The inception of the brand though is by accident, Ms Shikha Ajmera, has a larger vision now. “I would like to generate employment among poor girls, who are artists, but not able to pursue their interests and hobbies. Recruiting them young, training them and partnering with them by sharing profits, is her long term vision now.”

A homemaker living with her husband and two kids, Ms Shikha is a budding entrepreneur, setting up an example for other women, that managing home and work, though at times, challenging but are part of an interesting journey, to emulate. Passion has no deterrence!