Pratibha Choudhari, Reporter Pune

As an outreach to the Assam Rifles Veterans following the first Assam Rifles Veterans Day celebrated on 23 Mar 2024, The Directorate General Assam Rifles, in conjunction with the Assam Rifles Ex-Servicemen Association, announced opening of a new Assam Rifles Ex-Servicemen Association (ARESA) Centre in Nashik , Maharashtra. This marks the first ARESA Centre in Maharashtra on which more than 1000 Ex-Servicemen and Veer Naris from Maharashtra and adjoining states will be dependent. The ARESA Centre will be dedicated to providing welfare facilities and support services to Assam Rifles Veterans of the States.

The announcement was made by Lt Gen Pradeep Chandran Nair, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, Ph.D, DG Assam Rifles during the Ex-Servicemen Rally held on 21 Apr 2024 at Ambedkar Nagar and Topchi Auditorium at Artillery center at Nashik . The rally brought together more than 250 Ex-Servicemen, Veer Naris, their families and dependents to celebrate the launch of the new ARESA Centre and to honor the contributions of veterans who have served with distinction in the Assam Rifles.

The ARESA Centres are manned by veterans themselves, ensuring that the unique needs and challenges of Ex-Servicemen are addressed effectively. These Centres serve as hubs for providing a range of welfare facilities, including healthcare assistance, vocational training, counselling services and social support to veterans transitioning to civilian life.

The centre at Nashik will cater for the needs of more than 1000 Ex-Servicemen and Veer Naris of Assam Rifles living in Maharashtra and adjoining states. During the course of the event the Ex-servicemen were made aware of the welfare related
schemes and financial grants of the Force. The veterans were briefed on the Financial Grants to Veterans which are listed below:-

(a) Fin assistance during natural calamities (One Time Grant) Rupees Twelve Thousand.

(b) Marriage grant to two daughters of widows Rupees Twenty Thousand.

(c) Medical aid in any form to ex-servicemen and widow Rupees Ninety Thousand.

(d) School education grant yearly for class XI to XII Rupees Five Thousand Per annum.

(e) Higher education grant for professional courses only (M Tech, MBA, B TECH, MBBS, BDS and similar Rupees Ten Thousand Per annum).

During the rally, the Director General Assam Rifles interacted with the Ex-Servicemen present, expressing their heartfelt gratitude for their dedicated service and unwavering commitment to the defence of the nation. The event provided an opportunity for the Ex-Servicemen to share their experiences, reconnect with old comrades, and forge new bonds within the community. A total of 05 Ex-Servicemen and 01 Next of Kin were felicitated during the rally by the Director General Assam Rifles.

The establishment of the ARESA Centre in Nasik and the inaugural Ex-Servicemen Rally underscore the Directorate General Assam Rifles’ commitment to recognizing and supporting the welfare needs of all veterans of the Assam Rifles. By providing dedicated facilities and services through ARESA Centres, the organization aims to ensure that Veterans receive the care and assistance they deserve in their post-service years.

Assam Rifles is the oldest and the most decorated Para Military Force of the Nation. With a rich history of valour and sacrifice spanning more than 189 years, the Assam Rifles has carved a niche for itself in operations and has contributed towards the overall development of the Nation. It has been a Force that has been associated with the North East for almost 190 years and has played the most significant role in addressing the issues of insurgency and internal security thereby being an enabler towards nation building. The rich legacy of the Force is primarily due to the spirit and enthusiasm of the men and women of Assam Rifles and the Force would forever be indebted for the selfless service of its Ex-Servicemen.